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News June 25, 2012

Saama Technologies Inc., announces opening of new office in Switzerland

June 25, 2012 – Saama Technologies Inc., the leader in Data and Analytics Solutions today announced that it has opened a new office in Solothurn, Switzerland. The new office will be well positioned to serve the growing demand for Business Analytics and Data Management solutions across the European region.

Headquartered in United States of America, Saama Technologies has seen unprecedented demand for Business Analytics (“BA”) solutions and services in Europe, including several large pharmaceutical and life sciences organizations. The company has also signed up with a couple Pharma companies in this region to provide purpose driven analytics solutions to them, and enable them to make “information based decisions.”

Saama recently launched a set of offerings like the vividSENSE™ for addressing the Big Data, sMBI™ – for addressing mobility, CIO Analytics™ for addressing Operational efficiencies, BI/DI CoE for addressing environment performance. These solutions are based on Saama’s own Analytics Framework and deep knowledge. These solutions have been very well received in Europe as well.

“We are very excited about the opportunities in the European market for Saama. Being close to our customers has always been strategic for us. With this new office we extend our local presence into Switzerland and I am sure this will help us grow our customer base significantly.” says Suresh Katta, Founder and CEO, Saama Technologies, Inc.

As the Country Head for Saama Technologies Switzerland GmbH, Haranath Gnana commented on how the new office will be a significant stepping stone to the successful implementation of BA Solutions in this territory. “Opening the Switzerland office is a logical extension of our goal to provide world-class Business Analytics solutions to the European market. Our success in the US has been primarily due to our ‘depth’ and ‘focus’ in just Business Analytics and Information Management solutions. This strength led to the recent wins of new Fortune 50 clients in Europe and further helped identify a huge market opportunity for our services in the European region.”

Switzerland has a unique position in the world today both for political and geographic reasons and has attracted a lot of industries to be setup these base there. Many of the top Global Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical firms are based in Switzerland as well.

“Given the multitude of challenges that the global Pharma industry is facing today, it has become imperative for these organizations to become more efficient and effective. Saama’s Business Analytics and Information Management solutions directly address both the efficiency and effectiveness needs. We are very excited to bring our high-value solutions to these Pharma companies in this global hub,”said Haranath Gnana.

About Saama

Saama is a business analytics company, striving to create solutions that help organizations make ‘Information Enabled’ better quality decisions. Saama manages enterprise data through all stages in its lifecycle. It helps transform complex data streams into valuable information that directly improves profitability. Since 1997, Saama has blended technical expertise, functional knowledge and patented technologies to serve Fortune 500 corporations in industries such as health care, life sciences, technology and media, as well as public sector agencies.