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News July 2, 2019

Solving Sponsors’ Top 10 R&D Pain Points With Data Ingestion And Harmonization Platforms

Saama Business Advisor, Stephen Cunningham, MD, and Chief Life Science Officer, Kenneth Massey, co-wrote an article for Clinical Research News revealing the top ten R&D pain points that state-of-the-art analytics solutions can solve for sponsors.

“Clinical and pre-clinical data are recognized to be key corporate assets that provide critical evidence of a medicine’s efficacy, safety and potential economic value in the market. Clinical development has fallen behind in adopting digital technologies, which change how organizations engage patients, innovate in patient care and extract efficiencies in the development of new medicines. Data ingestion and harmonization platforms create an architecture of intuitive, AI-related algorithms and interfaces that standardize, interpret and present information in real time. Such solutions facilitate better decision making, improve quality, minimize costs, reduce sponsors’ developmental timelines, and, importantly, help deliver needed therapies to patients.”

Read the full article here.

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