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News May 23, 2019

Talking The Talk: How AI-Informed Virtual Assistants Are Changing Clinical Development

Scot Harper, president of SLH Group and advisory board member for Saama, writes for Clinical Leader about how AI-informed Virtual Assistants are changing clinical development and how this will benefit the industry and what impact that has on clinical trials.

“The advent of advanced data analytics tools and solutions that leverage AI has changed the clinical development landscape. Leading data analytics companies have engineered cutting-edge, AI-informed virtual assistants that are changing the rate at and efficiency with which the life sciences industry conducts clinical research and propelling drug discovery and development to new heights. Such virtual assistants — think of them as the clinical development cousins to Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and IBM’s Watson Assistant — do for drug development what those other chatbots do for our personal and professional lives: access information faster, enable progress, and accelerate productivity.”

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