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PharmaVOICE November 21, 2019

The Year Ahead… – PharmaVOICE 2020 Year In Preview

Founder and CEO, Suresh Katta, was quoted in PharmaVOICE’s Special 2020 Year In Preview issue responding to the question “What if… clinical trials were in-sourced?”

“The pharma industry must take control of its own future, and learning to in-source clinical trials would be a monumental step toward self-directing that future,” Mr Katta replies. “Since the pharma industry began outsourcing clinical trials, the average number of years for drug development has gone up tremendously, and the costs have skyrocketed to billions from millions. By in-sourcing clinical trials, the majority of the pharma workforce would have an opportunity once again to interact directly or indirectly with the patients for whom they are developing drugs.”

Read the full article here.

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