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On-Time Performance. Reduced Risk. Better Compliance.

With a unified data model on the leading AI-powered clinical analytics platform, you can get significantly better results across your studies, sites, systems, and vendors.

Life Science Analytics Cloud

Life Science Analytics Cloud is the leading AI-powered clinical analytics platform that seamlessly integrates, curates, and animates your data, delivering more actionable insights.

Find Value in Saama’s Comprehensive Solution.

Executive Team Benefits

In addition to increasing study quality, CEOs, Chief Medical Officers, and clinical development executives must keep their eyes on the business side of clinical trials by managing budgets, ensuring compliance, and maintaining a stellar corporate reputation. Saama delivers with solutions that help you:

  • Quickly identify and resolve issues with data-driven workflows that streamline manual processes
  • Inform decisions with granular insights into custom performance metrics, while reducing risk
  • Get up and running in weeks, not months or years
  • Avoid costly delays with faster identification and resolution of performance issues
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ClinOps Team Benefits

In an effort to improve study quality and timeliness, standardize processes, and prevent risks from affecting trial outcomes, ClinOps professionals are often frustrated by a lack of real-time study performance data. This becomes an even bigger challenge when multiple CROs are involved. Saama solves these problems by:

  • Automating oversight and collaboration across studies, systems, and CROs
  • Optimizing enrollment, subject compliance, and site productivity processes
  • Reducing cycle times and improving data quality by monitoring CRO agreements and oversight plans in real time
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Medical Review Team Benefits

Ask any Medical Director what their biggest headache is and they’ll probably tell you it’s the latency between data requests and the availability of data for clinical assessment. Saama brings all your safety and subject-level data together for consistent and proactive medical review, so medical monitoring teams can:

  • Easily review highlighted data changes and configurable patient-level insights
  • Gain full, real-time visibility into adverse events at study, country, site, and patient levels
  • Identify outliers, visualize trends, and gain access to actual test results
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Data Management Team Benefits

Problems with data aggregation, management, and reconciliation are among the top contributors to clinical trial delays. Saama helps data management professionals mitigate data quality risk and respond more quickly to data quality issues, while contributing to more strategic initiatives. Our solution facilitates better data management by:

  • Ingesting and aggregating data across all sources, including EDC, CTMS, IxRS, eTMF, labs, and safety
  • Providing standardized data models for studies, financials, planning, and inventory management
  • Highlighting missing records and data discrepancies
  • Supporting any system or reconciliation item, such as adverse events (AEs)
  • Facilitating the creation of dashboards and analytics for consumption by the ClinOps and medical monitoring teams
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Deliver More Value to Sponsors and Drive Revenue with Saama's Comprehensive Solution.

By automating real-time data aggregation and analytics, Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud for CROs enables your team to continuously assess business performance, maintain margins, and reduce risk. The sponsors you work with will appreciate your ability to:

  • Reduce data complexity and increase transparency across studies and systems
  • Share collaborative task management details in real time
  • Automate data aggregation across sources
  • Make medical reviews more accurate and efficient

Streamline Your Workflows and Gain a Competitive Edge.

Executive Team Benefits

In addition to building and maintaining sponsor relationships, CRO leaders must keep looking for ways to improve performance, reduce risk, and increase profit. Saama delivers with solutions that help you:

  • Streamline workflows that make your team more productive
  • Offer clients a data-driven solution that inspires trust through transparency
  • Become better at identifying and resolving issues before they cause delays or cost overruns
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Business Development Team Benefits

Gaining the trust of sponsors is easier when you show you’re a true collaborator who can improve performance and reduce risk. Saama’s data aggregation and analytics tools show sponsors that you take their needs more seriously than your competition does:

  • Utilize role-based dashboards and analytics that show real-time performance data
  • Take advantage of real-time KRIs and automated data monitors that enhance your RBM efforts
  • Inspire confidence that performance issues can be identified early to reduce risk and speed trial results
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ClinOps Team Benefits

Saama makes it easy to deliver study milestones on time. Our convenient modules optimize portfolio oversight, enrollment, subject compliance, and site productivity processes by:

  • Highlighting enrollment issues and funnel leakage
  • Noting site-level performance issues that might introduce risk
  • Comparing study performance across sponsors
  • Improving CRA productivity and performance
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Data Management Team Benefits

Automated data aggregation, pre-built analytics, and configurable reporting capabilities enhance your productivity as you support sponsors and internal teams:

  • Unify and standardize data from disparate systems
  • Deliver real-time data analytics for greater visibility and faster identification of data quality issues
  • Configure dashboards and reports as required
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Saama’s solution has been built with the end user in mind, and no one else has the actionable insights that enable us to transform our clinical operations.

Global Head of Clinical Project Management

You have been great partners through this process – always willing to find innovative ways to solve problems. It was a great accomplishment to have a project of this magnitude be on time and budget as planned over 6 months ago.

Sr. Director, Clinical Operations

Without Saama, we would have not been alerted to data anomalies even with 100% SDV, which would have caused a study restart.

Head of Clinical Data Science

If I wanted to know how many protocol deviations have occurred, I can look at that across the portfolio or by individual study. This has the potential to drive change, as we can get out to sites and reeducate personnel. It also allows us to focus on a particular area of the study.

VP of Clinical Operations

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.